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A place for people experiencing estrangement or cut off from their family to find support, hopefully peace, and some understanding.

Estranged Stories is now a non profit entity. We have received our 501(c)3 status so any donations to Estranged Stories are tax deductable. We now have the ability to apply for grants, to partner in research and to provide resources for help.

BIG NEWS -- we have reached our goal to save the site! I have some extra money to begin to develop the new site that will work like this without the fees.  I am hopeful that I have enough money to make it happen, so you might see a new goal set if I don't!

THANK YOU to those that supported us and especially to those that created monthly on going donations! 

There is a completely confidential survey for Parents that are Estranged from their Adult Children and there is a a survey for Adult Children. I urge all of you to take the time to answer honestly! If there are ever going to be answers or help for this issue.. we need everyone's participation! Thank you in advance for your time!
I am also interested in the family patterns of estrangement. I have created a very short set of questions. Even if you have previously taken the main survey, I would appreciate your additional contribution to further our understanding of this issue. Please see the link below.

Take the Parents Estranged from Adult Children survey now.
Take the Adult Children Estranged from Parents survey now.
Take the Family Patterns Survey now

Survey results as of 10/21/2015

Parents Estranged From Adult Children 10_15.pdf

Adult Children Estranged From Parents10_15.pdf



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Nobody Home: A Memoir

Childhood Unbound: The Powerful New Parenting Approach That Gives Our 21st Century Kids the Authority, Love, and Listening They Need to Thrive


Connecting With Our Children : Guiding Principles for Parents in a Troubled World

The Narcissism Epidemic: Living in the Age of Entitlement

Too Much of a Good Thing: Raising Children of Character in an Indulgent Age

Healing From Family Rifts : Ten Steps to Finding Peace After Being Cut Off From a Family Member

When Parents Hurt: Compassionate Strategies When You and Your Grown Child Don't Get Along

I Thought We'd Never Speak Again: The Road from Estrangement to Reconciliation

Family Estrangements: How They Begin, How to Mend Them, How to Cope with Them

Letting Go of Our Adult Children: When What We Do Is Never Enough

FRAGMENTED FAMILIES: Patterns of Estrangement and Reconciliation

Walking on Eggshells: Navigating the Delicate Relationship Between Adult Children and Parents, by Jane Isay

For Mothers of Difficult Daughters; How to Enrich and Repair the Relationship in Adulthood, by Charney Herst

When You and Your Mother Can't Be Friends: Resolving the Most Complicated Relationship of Your Life, by Victoria Secunda

I'm OK, You're My Parents : How to Overcome Guilt, Let Go of Anger, and Create a Relationship That Works, by Dale Atkins

Making Peace with Your Parents, by Harold Bloomfield MD

Making Peace With Your Adult Children: A Guide to Family Healing, by Shauna Smith

Forgive Your Parents, Heal Yourself: How Understanding Your Painful Family Legacy Can Transform Your Life

Everything Has Two Handles: The Stoic's Guide to the Art of Living

Triangles: Bowen Family Systems Theory Perspectives

Extraordinary Relationships: A New Way of Thinking About Human Interactions


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You may or may not agree, but I am interested in promoting support, understanding of our situations, and hopefully this will help some heal.  I realize that some need more time than others to progress, but with so many people on the site, in order to be effective, I believe that the best use of this site .... recognizing the selflessness of those who are willing to spend the time to read and respond... that the following is appropriate when…


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"The better you feel, the better chance you have of a life without her and actually the better chance you have of a life with her."

"Whether you think you can or think you can't, either way you are right" - Henry Ford

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