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Welcome to Estranged Stories..

Everyone’s life has a story.. some stories are about families, some are dramatic, some have happy endings and others don’t. Every individual “story” is what creates our history, defines who we are, and shapes who we will become. Sometimes our stories have chapters that we would never expect and when our stories don’t align with our dreams --- we seek words of wisdom, comfort from the stories of others.                         
                     Estranged Stories is just that….

Words of wisdom, stories of experience, and a quest for understanding meaning and the impact of words on relationships. Not just friendly relationships, but family relationships…                    Family relationships provide a sense of support and an identity of who we are and what's unique about us. Knowing and remembering where we came from and where our families came from - helps us to make sense of who we are in the world. When those bonds are broken, we feel hurt, lonely, shameful, guilty, and a whole host of other negative emotions. We feel angry, depressed, sometimes even suicidal. Historically, family has been the cornerstone of relationships, instilling love, loyalty, respect and a social network.

Today, the definition of family has changed dramatically. Along with that change, individual standards of acceptable behaviors have changed as well. Today we hear parents complaining about how entitled their children are, we hear adult children complaining about how narcissistic and unavailable their parents were, and sadly, we have grandchildren that are not learning family history from the people that created it…. Grandparents.

At Estranged Stories, we are committed to helping those families that are experiencing this kind of pain…

• we are interested in research that looks at why family estrangement appears to be more common or on the rise
• we are interested in parenting styles and outcomes which might give us clues and behavior changes that could prevent estrangement
• we are interested in the effect on children whose parents have chosen to limit contact with grandparents
• we are interested in looking at family patterns and how estrangement often repeats itself
• we are interested in studying and providing a framework of coping strategies for those experiencing estrangement

We are changing the way we work...

We are an online membership only support site for those experiencing estrangement from family members.

We are changing what we offer...

After 10 years of providing superior on line support in a moderated forum mostly for parents of adult children who are estranged, we are now offering separate support for adult children who wish to explore their options and need a safe place to discuss their feelings.                     

Estranged Stories will provide these safe separate  spaces for Parents of Adult Children and Adult Children with moderation, and options for personal interaction if desired. 

Both spaces will continue to be monitored for safe, helpful conversation and access to recommended reading, appropriate videos and more.

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What people say
We have received tons of awesome testimonials
I am grateful for this forum as it is easier to discuss with other moms/grandmom's that actually have experienced this horrible loss. Years ago (when it all began for us) I talked to a social worker who said..."oh give it will be kids...she'll come home when she starts missing that favorite blanket...or that special spot on the couch" ??? Fortunately now...years later I can laugh at that somewhat and think..."Holy Smokes!...if things were only that simple!!!" :)

Parents of adult children user

I didn't realize until I discovered this discussion forum (yesterday) that there were so many moms with the same issue I have. I have 2 sons (30s) that have become a bigger problem for me as adults than they were as teens. The youngest son didn't surprise me with his lack of respect and disconnecting from me, but the eldest son broke my heart. It came out of left field with no warning. When your child tells you he doesn't want you in his home and he won't give you rides to your grandson's ball games, it was as if he shot me in the heart. In fact, that wouldn't have hurt as badly. I am going through the grieving process and I am in the anger stage. It feels better than the hurt and crying stage.

Parents of Adult Children User

I don't believe in coincidences. When I opened your email and read your words, I know I was meant to find you and your site. Your words brought hope to me. It can sometimes be lonely in this "process." And, quite frankly, few people really understand.